Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Maze, Glossary

The Twelve Kingdoms
Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Maze, Glossary of Terms.
for Ono Fuyumi's Kaze no Umi Meikyuu no Kishi.


This glossary includes new vocabulary and the names of characters and places that are encountered in the book, Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Maze.


Ankoujitsu  安闔日 【あんこうじつ】
Falling upon the solstices and equinoxes, the day when a gate into the Yellow Sea opens.

Bakou  馬候 【ばこう】
The Shuukou of Ba Province.

Bashuu  馬州 【ばしゅう】
Ba Province. A province in Tai Kingdom.

Boku  朴 【ぼく】
Gyousou's original surname.

chisen  地仙 【ちせん】
An earthly immortal. A class of immortals who are given their positions in the Immortal Register by a ruler.

Chougi  朝議 【ちょうぎ】
Morning Council.

Daibu  大夫 【だいぶ】
An officer.

Daishi  大師 【だいし】
The head of the palace musicians.

Eki  易 【えき】

Enki  延麒 【えんき】
The Kirin of En Kingdom.

Enkoku  雁国 【えんこく】
The Kingdom of En. A kingdom towards the northeast. [map]

Enou  延王 【えんおう】
The Ruler of En Kingdom.

En Taiho  延台輔 【えんたいほ】
Enki's title.

Fuusui  風水 【ふうすい】

Gaiden  外殿 【がいでん】
The Outer Halls. The outer palace halls in Hakkei Palace where government business is handled.

Garyou  呀嶺 【がりょう】
A place name in Tai Kingdom. Gyousou's birthplace.

Genbu  玄武 【げんぶ】
The Ebony Warrior. A giant turtle that carries newly ascended rulers and their respective kirin to their home kingdom.

Genkun  玄君 【げんくん】
What the nyosen call Gyokuyou.

geshi  夏至 【げし】
The summer solstice.

Godoukyuu  梧桐宮 【ごどうきゅう】
Godou Palace. A palace in Gyouten.

Gogou no Mon  呉剛の門 【ごごうのもん】
The Gogou Gate. A gate between the world of the Twelve Kingdoms andHourai.

Goson  醐孫 【ごそん】
The Shikou Daibu of the Bakou in Tai Kingdom.

Gouran  傲濫 【ごうらん】
One of Taiki's shirei. A toutetsu.

Gozan  五山 【ござん】
The Five Mountains. Mountains that lie in the center of the Yellow Sea. [map]

gyoku  玉 【ぎょく】

gyokusen  玉泉 【ぎょくせん】
Gem spring.

Gyokuyou  玉葉 【ぎょくよう】
The leader of the nyosen.

Gyousou  驍宗 【ぎょうそう】
General Saku of the Tai Kingdom Kingun.

Gyouten  堯天 【ぎょうてん】
The capital city of Kei Kingdom.

Hakkai  白海 【はっかい】
The White Sea. The sea west of the Yellow Sea. [map]

Hakke  八卦 【はっけ】
The Eight Diagrams.

Hakkeikyuu  白圭宮 【はっけいきゅう】
Hakkei Palace. The palace of the Taiou inKouki.

Hakkikyuu  白亀宮 【はっききゅう】
Hakki Palace. A small palace on Mt. Hou.

Hakuchi  白雉 【はくち】
The White Pheasant.

Haku Sanshi  白汕子 【はくさんし】
Taiki's nyokai.

Hankoku  範国 【はんこく】
The Kingdom of Han. A kingdom in the west. [map]

Hankyo  班渠 【はんきょ】
One of Keiki's shirei.

Hien  飛燕 【ひえん】
A tenba that is Risai's kijuu.

hisen  飛仙 【ひせん】
A flying immortal. A class of immortals who are not appointed by nor serve under a ruler.

hiso  飛鼠 【ひそ】
A rabbit-like youma.

Hotokyuu  甫渡宮 【ほときゅう】
Hoto Palace. A small palace on Mt. Hou outside of Houro Palace.

Hou  鳳 【ほう】
The Male Phoenix.

Hougyo 崩御 【ほうぎょ】
Royal Death. The White Pheasant's Second Sound.

Houkoku  芳国 【ほうこく】
The Kingdom of Hou. A kingdom in the northwest. [map]

Hourai  蓬莱 【ほうらい】
What the people of the Twelve Kingdoms call Japan.

Houroguu  蓬盧宮 【ほうろぐう】
Houro Palace. A palace compound situated halfway up Mt. Hou.

Houzan  蓬山 【ほうざんこう】
Mt. Hou. One of the Five Mountains. Used to be called Mt. Tai. [map]

Houzankou  蓬山公 【ほうざんこう】
The Kou of Mt. Hou. Another way to refer to kirin.

Issei  一声 【いっせい】
First Sound. The first call of the White Pheasant.

Jakko  雀胡 【じゃっこ】
A hiso subdued by Keiki.

Jinjuuden  仁重殿 【じんじゅうでん】
Jinju Hall. A hall in Hakkei Palace where Taiki lives.

Jokaku  舒覚 【じょかく】
The Queen of Kei during Taiki's stay upon Mt. Hou.

Joushuu  承州 【じょうしゅう】
Jou Province. A province in Tai Kingdom.

jumon  呪文 【じゅもん】

Kabocha Daibu  南瓜大夫 【かぼちゃだいぶ】
Pumpkin Daibu. The nickname that the nyosen gave to Rohaku.

Kaidouguu  海桐宮 【かいどうぐう】
Kaidou Palace. A small palace on Mt. Hou situated near Kaidou Spring.

Kaidousen  海桐泉 【かいどうせん】
Kaidou Spring. A small spring on Mt. Hou, situated beside a great sea paulownia (kaidou) tree.

Kakuzan  霍山 【かくざん】
Mt. Kaku. One of the Five Mountains. [map]

Kazan  華山 【かざん】
Mt. Ka. One of the Five Mountains. [map]

Keiki  景麒 【けいき】
The Kirin of Kei Kingdom.

Keikoku  慶国 【けいこく】
The Kingdom of Kei. A kingdom in the east. [map]

Keiou  景王 【けいおう】
The Ruler of Kei Kingdom.

Kei Taiho  景台輔 【けいたいほ】
Keiki's title.

Keito  計都 【けいと】
A suugu that is Gyousou's kijuu.

ken  県 【けん】
A district.

Ken'in  剣印 【けんいん】
The Sword Seal. A seal stance used in conjunction with the Nine-Word Mantra.

ki  気 【き】

kijuu  騎獣 【きじゅう】
A youjuu that has been trained to be ridden upon.

Kingun  禁軍 【きんぐん】
The military that belongs solely under the control of the ruler.

Kinpakyuu  金波宮 【きんぱきゅう】
Kinpa Palace. The palace of the Keiou inGyouten.

kirin  麒麟 【きりん】
A divine beast that chooses the ruler for his country and then serves under him.

Kirinki  麒麟旗 【きりんき】
The Kirin Flag. A flag that is raised to notify the people that their kirin is ready to choose a ruler.

Kokkai  黒海 【こっかい】
The Black Sea. The sea north of the Yellow Sea. [map]

kokki  黒麒 【こっき】
A black kirin.

koku  国 【こく】
A kingdom.

kokushi  国氏 【こくし】
The clan name of a kingdom that is applied when referring to the current kirin or ruler.

Kongouzan  金剛山 【こんごうざん】
The Kongou Mountains. The range of mountains that lines the perimeter of the Yellow Sea. [map]

Konron  崑崙 【こんろん】
What the people of the Twelve Kingdoms call China.

Kou  公 【こう】
A kirin's status.

Kou  候 【こう】
A shuukou's status.

Koukai  黄海 【こうかい】
The Yellow Sea. [map]

Kouki  鴻基 【こうき】
The capital city of Tai Kingdom.

Koukisan  鴻基山 【こうきさん】
The mountain in Kouki upon which the royal palace of Tai Kingdom sits.

Koukoku  巧国 【こうこく】
The Kingdom of Kou. A kingdom towards the southeast. [map]

Kouri  蒿里 【こうり】
A peak upon Mt. Hou where it is said the souls of the dead reside.

also: A name Gyousou calls Taiki by.

Koushi  叩歯 【こうし】
A way of biting used to avoid youma.

Koushi  弘始 【こうし】
The name given to a period of Tai history.

Kouzan  恒山 【こうざん】
Mt. Kou. One of the Five Mountains. [map]

Kujijugon  九字呪言 【くじじゅごん】
The Nine-Word Mantra: Rin Byou Tou Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zen Gyou.

Kyokai  虚海 【きょかい】
The Empty Sea. A sea that surrounds the world of the Twelve Kingdoms.

Kyoukoku  恭国 【きょうこく】
The Kingdom of Kyou. A kingdom towards the northwest. [map]

Kyouou  驕王 【きょうおう】
The Extravagant King. The posthumous name for the most recently deceased King of Tai Kingdom. [Note: Kyou also has the meaning of pride, arrogance, etc.]

Massei  末声 【まっせい】
Ending Sound. Another name for the second call of the White Pheasant.

Meitenko  鳴天鼓 【めいてんこ】
The sounding of the front teeth in order to concentrate one's spirit.

Naiden  内殿 【ないでん】
The Inner Halls. The inner palace halls in Hakkei Palace where the king lives.

nin'you  人妖 【にんよう】
Another name for youjin.

Nisei  二声 【にせい】
Second Sound. The second call of the White Pheasant.

also: Two-Sounds. Another name for the White Pheasant.

Niseikyuu  二声宮 【にせいきゅう】
Nisei Palace. A small palace at Kouki.

nyokai  女怪 【にょかい】
A female youjin that takes care of a kirin.

nyosen  女仙 【にょせん】
A female immortal that lives on Mt. Hou and takes care of kirin.

nyoshin  女神 【にょかしん】
A goddess.

Onmyou  陰陽 【おんみょう】
The Light and the Dark.

Ou  王 【おう】
A ruler.

Ou  凰 【おう】
The Female Phoenix.

Oubo  王母 【おうぼ】

Oufujin  王夫人 【おうふじん】
A goddess who watches over Mt. Hou.

ouki  王気 【おうき】
A spirit of a ruler.

oukyuu  王宮 【おうきゅう】
The royal palace.

Oushi  王師 【おうし】
The Royal Army, also called Rokushi.

ranka  卵果 【らんか】
An "egg-fruit" from which all living things in the world of the Twelve Kingdoms are hatched.

Reigonmon  令艮門 【れいごんもん】
The Reigon Gate. The northeastern gate into the Yellow Sea. [map]

Reikenmon  令乾門 【れいけんもん】
The Reiken Gate. The northwestern gate into the Yellow Sea. [map]

Reikonmon  令坤門 【れいこんもん】
The Reikon Gate. The southwestern gate into the Yellow Sea. [map]

Reisonmon  令巽門 【れいそんもん】
The Reison Gate. The southeastern gate into the Yellow Sea. [map]

Renkoku  漣国 【れんこく】
The Kingdom of Ren. A kingdom in the southwest. [map]

Renrin  廉麟 【れんりん】
The Kirin of Ren Kingdom.

Ren Taiho  廉台輔 【れんたいほ】
Renrin's title.

Rin Byou Tou Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zen Gyou
 臨兵闘者皆陳烈前行 【りんびょうとうしゃかいぢんれつぜんぎょう】
The Nine-Word Mantra.

Risai  李斎 【りさい】
The General of the Jou Provincial Army in Tai Kingdom.

Rohaku  呂迫 【ろはく】
The Shiba of Sui Province in Tai Kingdom.

Rokkan  六官 【ろかん】
The Six Ministers.

Rokushi  六師 【ろくし】
The Six Armies, also called Oushi.

Rokuta  六太 【ろくた】
Enki's name when he lived in Hourai.

Rosenkyuu  露茜宮 【ろせんきゅう】
Rosen Palace. A small palace on Mt. Hou in which Taiki lives.

Ryuukoku  柳国 【りゅうこく】
The Kingdom of Ryu. A kingdom in the north. [map]

Ryuukyuu  竜宮 【りゅうきゅう】
The Dragon Palace. At the bottom of the Yellow Sea.

Ryuushi  劉紫 【りゅうし】
Risai's given name.

Sakuken  乍県 【さくけん】
Saku District. A district in Zui Province of Tai Kingdom.

Sakuou  乍王 【さくおう】
King Saku. Gyousou.

Saiho  宰輔 【さいほ】
A kirin's position in government.

Saikoku  才国 【さいこく】
The Kingdom of Sai. A kingdom towards the southwest. [map]

Sairin  斎麟 【さいりん】
The Kirin of Sai Kingdom.

Saishou  宰相 【さいしょう】
Prime Minister. The Kirin of a kingdom.

Saku Shougun  乍将軍 【さくしょうぐん】
General Saku. Gyousou's title.

Seikai  青海 【せいかい】
The Blue Sea. The sea east of the Yellow Sea. [map]

seiki  生気 【せいき】
The spirit of life.

Seioubo  西王母 【せいおうぼ】
The Queen Mother of the West. A goddess who watches over the Five Mountains.

Sekkai  赤海 【せっかい】
The Red Sea. The sea south of the Yellow Sea. [map]

sen  仙 【せん】
An immortal.

sennin  仙人 【せんにん】
An immortal.

Senseki  仙籍 【せんせき】
The Immortal Register. A register to which people who become immortals belong.

sensui  仙水 【せんすい】
Water of the Immortals. Water from Mt. Hou that eases pain and promotes healing.

shakubuku  折伏 【しゃくぶく】

Shashinboku  捨身木 【しゃしんぼく】
The tree on Mt. Hou that bears the ranka of kirin.

Shiba  司馬 【しば】
A war official.

shiki  死気 【しき】
The spirit of death.

Shikou  司寇 【しこう】
A justice official.

shin  神 【しん】
A god.

Shinchoku Meichoku, Tensei Chisei
Jinkun Seikun, Fuo Fudaku
Kimi Koubuku, Onmyou Wagou
Kyuukyuu Nyo Ritsurei
 神勅明勅、天清地清。 【しんちょくめいちょくてんせいちせい】
 神君清君、不汚不濁。 【じんくんせいくんふおふだく】
 鬼魅降伏、陰陽和合。 【きみこうぶくおんみょうわごう】
 急急如律令。 【きゅうきゅうにょりつれい】
An incantation.

shinjuu  神獸 【しんじゅう】
A divine beast.

shinseki  神籍 【しんせき】
The Divine Register. A register to which rulers and kirin belong.

shinsen  神仙 【しんせん】
A divine immortal. The class of immortals that includes rulers and kirin.

shirei  使令 【しれい】
A youma subdued by and in the service of a kirin.

Shirendou  紫蓮洞 【しれんどう】
Shiren Cave. A cave near Shiren Palace on Mt. Hou from which springwater flows.

Shirenkyuu  紫蓮宮 【しれんきゅう】
Shiren Palace. A small palace in which Keiki had lived when he was residing on Mt. Hou.

Shitsudou  失道 【しつどう】
A sickness that kirin suffer when their rulers lose their way.

Shougun  将軍 【しょうぐん】
A general.

shoku  蝕 【しょく】
A great storm.

shousen  昇仙 【しょうせん】
One on their way to becoming an immortal.

shunbun  春分 【しゅんぶん】
The spring equinox.

Shunkan  春官 【しゅんかん】
The Spring Administration. One of six government administrations. Manages ritual and ceremony.

Shunkanchou  春官長 【しゅんかんちょう】
The Spring Minister. Head of the Shunkan. One of theRokukan. Oversees ritual and ceremony.

Shunkoku  舜国 【しゅんこく】
The Kingdom of Shun. A kingdom in the southeast. [map]

shuu  州 【しゅう】
A province.

Shuukou  州候 【しゅうこう】
The governor of a province.

Shuukoushi  州候師 【しゅうこうし】
The Army of the Provincial Kou, the longer form ofShuushi.

Shuushi  州師 【しゅうし】
The Provincial Army, the shorter form of Shuukoushi.

Sokui 即位 【そくい】
Enthronement. The White Pheasant's First Sound.

Sou  綜 【そう】
Gyousou's given name.

Soukoku  奏国 【そうこく】
The Kingdom of Sou. A kingdom in the south. [map]

Souou  宗王 【そうおう】
The Ruler of Sou Kingdom.

Souryou  桑陵 【そうりょう】
Sou Tomb. Kyouou's tomb on Mt. Tappi.

Suishuu  垂州 【すいしゅう】
Sui Province. A province in Tai Kingdom.

suugu  騶虞 【すうぐ】
A youjuu that resembles a tiger.

Suukou  崇高 【すうこう】
High Su. Another name for Mt. Su.

Suuzan  崇山 【すうざん】
Mt. Su. One of the Five Mountains. Also called High Su. [map]

Suzaku  朱雀 【すざく】
The Crimson Bird.

Taiho  台輔 【たいほ】
A kirin's title.

Taika  泰果 【たいか】
Taiki's ranka.

taika  胎果 【たいか】
A ranka that has been carried away by a shoku to another world and becomes a "womb-fruit."

Taiki  泰麒 【たいき】
The Kirin of Tai Kingdom.

Taikoku  戴国 【たいこく】
The Kingdom of Tai. A kingdom in the northeast. [map]

Taikyokukoku  戴極国 【たいきょくこく】
The Far Kingdom of Tai. Another name for Tai Kingdom. [map]

Taiou  泰王 【たいおう】
The Ruler of Tai Kingdom.

Taishinbyou  大真廟 【たいしんびょう】
Taishin Shrine. A shrine on Mt. Hou dedicated to Oufujin.

Taishi Sakusho  戴史乍書 【たいしさくしょ】
The History of Tai, Book of Saku.

Tai Taiho  泰台輔 【たいたいほ】
Taiki's title after he chooses a ruler.

Taizan  泰山 【たいざん】
Mt. Tai. The ancient name for Mt. Hou.

Takasato Kaname  高里  要 【たかさとかなめ】
Taiki's name when he lived in Hourai.

Tankeikyuu  丹桂宮 【たんけいきゅう】
Tankei Palace. A small palace on Mt. Hou where Gyousou stays temporarily.

Tappisan  托飛山 【たっぴさん】
Mt. Tappi. Where Kyouou's tomb, Souryou, is located.

Teiei  禎衛 【ていえい】
The oldest nyosen at Houro Palace.

tenba  天馬 【てんば】
A youjuu that resembles a dog with wings.

Tenchoku  天勅 【てんちょく】
The Heavenly Decree.

tenkei  天啓 【てんけい】

tenpen  転変 【てんぺん】

Tensen Gyokujo Hekika Genkun
  天仙玉女碧霞玄君 【てんせんぎょくじょへきかげんくん】
Gyokuyou's title.

Tenshi  天子 【てんし】
Son of Heaven. The King of a kingdom.

Tentei  天帝 【てんてい】
The Emperor of the Heavens.

Tonkou  遁甲 【とんこう】

toutetsu  饕餮 【とうてつ】
An extremely powerful youma.

Tsuitenban  槌天盤 【ついてんばん】
A Koushi that involves biting down on the right side of one's jaw.

Uho  禹歩 【うほ】
A way of walking used to avoid youma.

Unteikyuu  雲悌宮 【うんていきゅう】
Untei Palace. A small palace on Mt. Hou at the base of a cliff.

Wagen  和元 【わげん】
The name given to a period of Tai history.

youjin  妖人 【ようじん】
A magical creature that is a cross between a human and a youjuu.

youjuu  妖獸 【ようじゅう】
A magical beast.

Youka  蓉可 【ようか】
One of the younger nyosen at Houro Palace.

youma  妖魔 【ようま】
A malevolent magical beast.

Zuishuu  瑞州 【ずいしゅう】
Zui Province. A province in Tai Kingdom where the capital Kouki is located.