Treasured Sword, Golden Hairpin, Chap. 1, Part 2

Treasured Sword, Golden Hairpin, Chapter 1, Part 2.
from Wang Dulu's Baojian Jinchai.


The old escort Yu had not thought he would encounter this now with his wife and daughter here and no weapon in his hand. What was there to do? He was about to say a few things to them when the young lady Xiulian leaned out of the wagon and waved her hand at the four men, urgently saying, "Before you act, I ask you, why are you doing this?" The four men looked the young lady Xiulian over and said to old escort Yu, "Hey! So you have this pretty a daughter, eh?" The old escort Yu protected Xiulian and angrily rebuked the four men, "You step back first and I'll come off the wagon. Then you can cut and kill as you like!"


The Crane Startles Kunlun, Chapter 20, Part 6

The Crane Startles Kunlun, Chapter 20, Part 6.
from Wang Dulu's He Jing Kunlun.


At midday one particular day, Lü Chongyan was walking slowly in front of the mountain when he heard the sound of hooves coming from the distance. Before long, he could see a gallant figure riding atop a horse with a dark, valiant, young face. He squinted to look and it was none other than the enemy he was searching for, Jiang Xiaohe. When he saw his nemesis, his eyes went red with fury, as he pulled out his sword and stood in Jiang Xiaohe’s way, thrusting at him viciously with his sword. Jiang Xiaohe saw that his sword technique was powerful and dared not take him lightly, so he drew his sword and went to meet him, yelling angrily, “I see it is the Daoist brigand, Lü Chongyan. I’d thought the old master Yu Xuanqing would have executed you by now, so what are you doing all the way over here? Who could have thought that one such as you who have violated the rules of the Three Pure Ones’ disciples would dare to threaten me? I will assist master Sanfeng in educating a savage Daoist like you!” After Jiang Xiaohe finished, he revealed more and more of his sword moves, while Lü Chongyan’s swordwork became more and more ruthless with every attack. The two swords flipped upwards and downwards, like a pair of dancing dragons.


The Crane Startles Kunlun, Chapter 20, Part 5

The Crane Startles Kunlun, Chapter 20, Part 5.
from Wang Dulu's He Jing Kunlun.


Old master Bao dared not stay in Bao Village a moment longer. He couldn’t face any more of his disciples, afraid that they would find out that he had returned to Zhenba and come to see him. At the same time the scene in front of him caused him sadness. Early on the second morning, when all was silent and before the dawn broke, everything was still quite dark, save for a few stars and thin drifting clouds in the sky. Old master Bao quietly departed from Bao Village by himself. The dim starlight shone upon old master Bao’s face. That snow white beard of his looked gray, and his two weary, old eyes were already hidden full of tears. The dewy morning wind blew by. He heard only the sound of his own footsteps and two or three roosters’ crows from the distance. Old master Bao harbored his painful emotions as he walked from near to far.


The Crane Startles Kunlun, Chapter 20, Part 4

The Crane Startles Kunlun, Chapter 20, Part 4.
from Wang Dulu's He Jing Kunlun.


On the day that Bao Zhenfei encountered Jiang Xiaohe on Cloudperch Ridge, he was in the midst of hurrying his way back to Jiuxian Abbey. Later, when his granddaughter Aluan had opened the gate to Jiang Xiaohe, Bao Zhenfei had run to get his Kunlun saber and sped back to the gate to help his granddaughter fight against Jiang Xiaohe. But when he got there, he saw that actually his granddaughter Aluan and Jiang Xiaohe had had feelings for each other from before. He felt an intense rage well up in his heart. Bao Zhenfei had never thought that he would find his loyal granddaughter in the arms of his enemy. He was so angry his silver sidelocks trembled and immediately jumped in for the kill, taking this opportunity to end both Jiang Xiaohe and the granddaughter Aluan who had betrayed him. However, Aluan was now already covered in fresh blood and sobbing balefully. He felt bad for her. Jiang Xiaohe’s face was also covered in tears. His heroic frame and face were a perfect match for his granddaughter, and he looked very much like Jiang Zhisheng, whom he had killed ten years prior. He felt that he had acted too rashly back then, and so the killing intent Bao Zhenfei had just felt dissipated immediately! He couldn’t help but clench his jaw, stamp his feet and sigh, as he turned back around and departed.


The Crane Startles Kunlun, Chapter 20, Part 3

The Crane Startles Kunlun, Chapter 20, Part 3.
from Wang Dulu's He Jing Kunlun.


The servants standing nearby had all lowered their despairing faces. The Mute Xia stood in a daze while tears fell endlessly from his eyes. Old landlord Yan used his sleeve to wipe eyes that laid under his frost white eyebrows, shaking his head and sighing, “This poor young lady! She had cuts in three or four places, the one in her chest the deepest. The night she died, her growns grew weaker and weaker, but she called out faintly Xiaohe’s name!” Hearing this, Jiang Xiaohe began wailing loudly.